Best Postcard on the Great Victory (A5 format only)

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Best Postcard on the Great Victory (agitprop, no war, etc)

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"Victory Day of 1945"

Best depiction of 1945 Victory Day (May 9th 1945, Victory Day fireworks, Flag of Victory, Berlin in 1945)

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"Greeting the Victors. 1945

Best depiction of Greeting of the Victors in 1945 (group portraits and portraits of the GPW Soldiers and Officers)

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"Flowers of the Victory"

Best depiction of the Flowers of the Victory (fliwers and flowers in still-life)

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"People of the Victory"

Best depiction of the people of The Victory
(Children of the Victory, women in the frond and behind enemy lines (portraits: medics, scouts, pilots), bond between generations (children and GPW veterans, lessons of remembrance), Fate of the Country, Family Fate (portraits of GPW Veterans)

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"Hero-Cities and places of military honor"

Best depiction of memory places, monuments and eternal flame

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"Letters from the front lines"

Best depiction of the Remembrance subject

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"Weapons of the Victory"

Best depiction of the Military era equipment and weapons

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"Victory Day in our time"

Best depiction of the niwadays Victiry Day Parade

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Dear Participants

School of the Water color

Year 2015 is the 70th Anniversary of the Sacred Victory in the Great patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The Victory Day – is the Day filled with pride, joy and tears. On this day we remember officers and soldiers, medics and scouts who served at the front lines. We also remember women, children and elderly people who made it possible at the back lines and behind enemy lines. This Victory was forged not only by the strength of Soviet military but by the Force of Russian Spirit. This Victory will always be the turning point in the history of Russia.

Today we can picture the events of this war only in movies, books or photos. However the main goal of the Contest is to reflect these tragic yet glorious events in children’s drawings.

Sergey Andriaka’s School of Watercolor Painting presents the Children’s Drawing Contest “70 years of the Great Victory” as part of the state-wide festive program in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory in 2015.

Young individuals from 9 to 17 years old are invited to participate. All Contest rules, submission of works and selection of winners are covered by the present Terms and Conditions. The Final Exhibition will start from May 4th 2015 and the Awards Ceremony will take place on May 8th 2015.

Organizational Committee.